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At CARE UK, we provide world-class nursing solutions and International recruitment services to professional Doctors ,Nurses, Health Care assistants, Physiotherapists, Radiographers and many others. We have the experience and expertise to support every step of medical staff for employment visa for NHS England.

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About US

CARE UK is committed to providing world-class nursing solutions and supporting the international recruitment of nurses into the UK for NHS. We recognize that the healthcare sector is facing significant challenges in NHS UK, and we believe that Nurses and Health  Care Assistants from abroad can play a vital role in meeting health targets in NHS. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive and effective service that helps Doctors , Nurses(ANM, GNM, B.Sc and M.Sc), HCA, Physiotherapist, Radiographer, Lab-Technician, Operation Theater Technician, Pharmacist , Allied-Services Staff and many more medical staff from India to get recruited to the United Kingdom for better opportunities and learning so that they can adapt England healthcare system quickly and smoothly. We are also committed to ensuring that all of our medical staff is supported with training knowledge with relevant training and experience throughout their careers We offer a range of training and development programs to the medical staff and train them according to CQC policies and procedures. Our ultimate goal is to contribute a high-quality training to our staff for the safe delivery of care to all the patients. Staff of CARE UK helps people to migrate with families to the England quickly. 

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CARE UK …. Ludhiana. AL 2, GRound Floor, City Grand Plaza , Sugandh Nagar, near Keys Hotel, Ludhiana,Punjab


CARE UK is committed to provide world-class nursing solutions and support the medical staff for recruitment into United Kingdom.


National & International Recruitment

CARE UK can help fresher +2 (High School Graduates) students and experienced healthcare professionals across India and the globe to get hired and continue their services for the healthcare industry in UK. On Employment visa this is unique opportunity for +2 Students (any stream) to learn HCA Skills while living in India and migrate to UK in 6-8 months With families, an Employment visa can give a stability and security to the candidate and our opportunity to transfer their dream Jobs into reality.


Care UK is a leading UK nursing recruiter and education agency that helps nurses, midwives, and healthcare assistants to immigrate globally for their first international nursing job.


At Care UK , Students are trained for success in their healthcare career with our comprehensive IELTS AND OET programs. 


At Care UK , we provide clinical knowledge to equip nurses with the skills they need in healthcare career with our well-structured clinical training program to help them advance their practice and provide exceptional patient care.


Our interview training program is meticulously designed to equip Nurses and Health Care Assistants  job seekers with the essential skills needed to excel in interviews.


Nursing/Health Care Training

We provide industrial training for various nursing and health care programs like FCS, home care, elder care, mental care, OR nurse, etc across the globe.


 At Care UK , we provide knowledge about the NHS policies and Procedures as the NHS relies on a comprehensive framework of policies and procedures to ensure consistent, high quality care for patient care.


At Care UK, we provide the services of  registration for HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) and NMC(Nursing and Midwifery Council) in United Kingdom.



Clear Vision About PLAB

The Professional and Linguistic Board or PLAB exam eligibility is a crucial
aspect to understand for international medical graduates keen to pursue
their medical  careers in United Kingdom.



NARIC or National Academic Recognition Information center is an organization that assess the equivalency of foreign qualifications to domestic qualification.


Mind Behind CareUk.Care

Using her extensive knowledge and 15+ years of tremendous experience as a professional nurse in different departments — accident & emergency, maternity, surgical, oncology, and mental health care — Arveena decided to start her healthcare service in the United Kingdom. It was a great option, but she also wants to return to her mother in India to take care of her in old age. In India, Arveena observed that the healthcare facilities are so deprived yet expensive for the common man. When she talked with her NRI friends and their parents in India, she listened to similar nuisances — low-grade medical and domiciliary care with exorbitant prices. She set an objective to reform this divested medical system and provide high-quality healthcare services to Indian society — similar to or higher than the United Kingdom’s medical and care facilities. And that is why CARE UK.

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Contact Us

You can always reach us via following contact details. We will give our best to reach you as possible.

 Amritsar Address:C/O Care UK , Amrit Color Lab 3rd Floor, SCO No. 82, City Center Market , Opp. Pingalwara , GT Road Amritsar, Punjab.

Ludhiana Address: AL 2, GRound Floor, City Grand Plaza , Sugandh Nagar, near Keys Hotel, Ludhiana,Punjab