What is Critical Care

Critical care, also referred to as intensive care, emergency medicine, or trauma medicine is a branch of medical sciences that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening injuries and illnesses. It is typically performed in a hospital setting, such as an intensive care unit (ICU). Still, it can also be given in other settings, such as care units in nursing homes or at personal residences through critical home care services. In any case, the goal of care is to maintain or improve the patient’s chances of survival.

Critical Care Requirements

Intensive care teams consist of expert doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who use advanced medical equipment and techniques to provide around-the-clock monitoring and treatment. This might involve performing surgery, administering medication, or providing other forms of support.

Who Needs Critical Care

We as healthcare professionals always want the persons who need critical care must be fewer. But in certain unavoidable circumstances, people need intensive care who are suffering or recovering from:

Critical Care at Home

Due to medical, personal and emotional reasons, patients may also be treated in a critical care unit outside the hospital, such as in a specialized facility or private home. Critical home care reduces the risk of nosocomial infection, and patient conditions improve within less time. This also cut the expenses (approximately by half) and increased healthcare quality.

We Can Help With

Our team of certified and expert doctors, nurses, health workers, and pharmacists can help in providing emergency home care to patients:

Recovery from trauma(s), post-surgery, transplant(s), ICU stays

Recovery from critical illness (organ failures, life-threatening infections) and injuries (accidents)

Taking care of patients with burns, stroke, and shock

Psychological patients

End-of-life care

Bedside care for completely/semi bed ridden patients, including bedsore management

Vital monitoring and (if required) intervention by trained nurses and doctors

Medication management

Taking care of patients with spinal/brain injuries (Neurological patients)

Intensive care of patients in the Life Support System

    Services We Offer
    With our team of medical professionals, we can provide:

    Critical care can be a matter of life or death and it is crucial to have access to intensive care services, especially at home. Moreover, patients who receive timely and effective critical care have a better chance of making a full recovery.