International Nursing recruitment


The global shortage of healthcare workers, especially nurses, led to the adaptation of International nursing recruitment. This worldwide exchange of healthcare professionals helps in the mutual growth of international medical systems and nurses. Some of the benefits of this International recruitment process are:

  • Exposure to new environments and working system
  • New and enhanced learning
  • Better earning and growth opportunities
  • Increased standard of living
  • Opportunities to work and settle abroad
  • Excellent medical facilities for self and family

The Healthcare system prospers the diversity and learning of other medical systems through this nurses’ recruitment process. For example, a nursing officer from the United Kingdom will help improve the medical system in India with the help of her entirely different approaches and experience. At the same time, she will learn and look for opportunities for her growth in the Indian medical system.

Common Problems with Nursing Recruitment

No doubt, nursing recruitment is an excellent opportunity for nurses from developing countries like India to grow their career paths and improve their standards of living and earnings. But, the conditions applied by health (employers and national services) and immigration departments of different countries are not less. Each country has its own set of rules and criteria for entrance and working successfully. Some other problems nurses might face during or after immigration:


  • Finding the right country and best-suited employer/hospital/community to work.
  • Best college to study (in case candidate(s) are going to study).
  • Getting call letter/offer letter/documents for joining.
  • Understanding the Immigration procedure and requirements (sometimes guided wrong by agents).
  • Getting PR/VISA/BRP /other documents.
  • Issues with getting settled in a different country/city.
  • Understanding the new work environment and system.

How We Can Help

With Care UK, you should not worry about these things. We are well-known in and out of the global healthcare systems, especially in the United Kingdom (UK) and India. With our 20+ years of nursing experience with NHS and different employers in the United Kingdom, Care UK can help with:

  • Applying for the job/college/course and finding a good employer(s) in nursing.
  • After completing the course, find a new job in the same or different country.
  • Grab an excellent and competitive salary in the field.
  • Preparing all essential documents for study or work Visa.
  • Guide candidates about the arrangement of funds/expenses and procedures.
  • Help with documents like VISA/BRP/offer letter and approval.
  • Renewal, extension, or change of work VISA (in case it gets expired or change of employer).
  • Fulfilling the criteria for permanent leave to remain (PR)/settlement schemes.
  • Getting Settle in new job routine and work culture.


Our team in India and overseas will help candidates with every single step in the complete nursing recruitment and settlement process. In certain circumstances, if someone wants to study with their employment or wants to do an extra job, Care UK will help immigrants in that as well. 


Our Counselors and nursing experts can guide and help qualified nursing professionals to choose the suitable/desirable country and course for further services and studies. Call us – today to know more!