What is Mental Health Care

Mental health care is a broad term that can refer to a wide range of counselling, psychiatric, psychological, and neurological services. These services are designed to help people dealing with mental health disorders. Mental health care providers use various techniques to help their patients, including counselling, medication, and therapy. If required, mental health care providers also support family members and friends. Psychiatric care is a crucial part of the healthcare system and plays a vital role in helping people manage their mental health disorders.

Mental Health Care Requirements

Intensive care teams consist of psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, mental health care nurses, and caretakers. This might involve therapies, counselling sessions, brain or neurological surgeries and constant medical supervision.

Who Needs Mental Care

The mental well-being of a person is as important as the physical body for a healthy life. People fear seeking help due to the stigma related to mental abnormalities. This holds them back from being healthy and sometimes sociable with people. A person might need help in the circumstances like:


  • Struggling with chronic diseases which affect their mental health
  • Have serious mental disorders like schizophrenia, delusions
  • Neurological disorders like dementia, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy and seizures
  • Behavioural disorders like ADHD, ASD, ODD
  • Complex behavioural and mental disorders like OCD
  • Recovering from traumatic incidents or heavy loss in life
  • Dealing with anxiety, depression, stress
  • Suffered injuries to the brain or its vital parts during an accident
  • Brain dead/ Injured/ Coma patients
  • Born with special mental abilities

Mental Care at Home

Inpatient mental care is an excellent option to deal with the fear and stigma related to psychological health. It saves time and (indirect) expense of transportation, loss of pay during hospital visits, etc. This will also reduce the suffering of patients.

We Can Help With


At CareUK, we have experienced counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, neurosurgeons, mental health care nurses and specialized caretakers to help with:

  • Psychotherapy for patients suffering from disorders
  • Constant supervision of critical patients
  • Medication, certified prescriptions
  • Counselling sessions for children and patients dealing with stress, anxiety, depression
  • Regular Yoga and meditation sessions
  • Help with trauma recovery
  • Complete crucial care for a person suffering from brain injuries

Services We Offer

With our team of medical professionals, we can provide:


  • 24/7 support of nurses and caretakers
  • Doctors for any emergency
  • Daycare/ Night shift nurses and caretakers (if 24/7 not required)
  • Arranging and setting up complex machinery (EEG, ECG machines)
  • Psychotherapies and counsellings
  • Emotional and educational therapies for family members


A healthy mind is essential for a normal life. People should not ignore mental health issues and seek help without any fear. While dealing with a psychological patient, information safety and confidentiality is one of the things we emphasize.