NRI Health Care

With more and more people living, working and settling abroad, the question of how to best provide health care for them is becoming increasingly important. There are several factors to consider regarding NRI health care, including the standards of care available in different countries, the cost of health care, and the availability of health insurance. NRI health care can be a complex topic, and at CareUk, we make sure that NRIs are getting the best possible care for themself and their family. With the correct information and the help of a qualified health care provider like us, Indian foreign nationals can ensure they get the best possible health care.

What is NRI health care?

NRI health care is a term used to describe the provision of health care services to non-resident Indians or NRIs. NRI health care services are typically provided by specialized hospitals and clinics that cater to the needs of the NRI community. These hospitals and clinics often offer international standard care, which is why NRI health care is usually considered higher quality than what is available in general.

Challenges with NRI healthcare

NRIs often face unique challenges when it comes to accessing quality health care. For instance, they may not be familiar with the Indian health system, which can make it challenging to obtain the care they need. Additionally, a good NRI care facility might not be available near their home, and they often have to travel long distances to access NRI health care services. It can be costly and time-consuming. Another problem is with NRI’s health insurance. Foreign nationals struggle to get insurance in India or claim the existing one with their insurer (from their own country). Due to this, sometimes NRIs become victims of financial abuse or have to pay high prices to medical service providers/hospitals.

How we can help

The NRI community is proliferating, and as a result, the demand for quality health care services (at an affordable price) is also increasing. CareUK strives continuously to provide international standard care to our NRI family. We can help you with the treatment of common health problems to complex medical issues by employing our expert team of doctors, surgeons, counsellors, therapists, nurses, and medical caretakers.  
  • Home care services for NRIs and their family.
  • Help with hassle-free insurance claims and treatment.
  • Emergency medical services in all cities of India.
  • UK standard healthcare at Affordable Indian prices.
  • Services like Critical care, Nursing care, Maternity care, Eldercare for NRIs
  • Pre-hospitalization and Post-hospitalization assistance, care and guidance.

How can we help?

We offer NRI healthcare services:

  • 24/7 (live-in) support of nurses and caretakers at home
  • Around-the-clock hospital and admission assistance 
  • Doctors for any emergency
  • Daycare/ Night shift nurses and caretakers (if 24/7 not required)
  • Arranging and setting up complex medical machinery (life support system, ventilator, monitors, dialysis machine, ECG, EEG machines) and equipment (Tracheostomy tubes, Catheters, and Feeding tubes) and their regular management
  • Therapies (physiological and psychological)
  • Emotional and educational therapies for family members

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