What are Prenatal and Postnatal Care

Prenatal care or antenatal care is the clinical and nursing care recommended for women before and during pregnancy. Good prenatal care aims to identify any health problems that could affect the pregnancy, protect the mother’s health, and increase the chances of a healthy baby being born. The period of prenatal care starts three months before conceiving. It includes:

  • Have regular checkups with a doctor or midwife (before and during pregnancy).
  • Complete discussion of mother’s medical history, ongoing health issues, and prescribed drugs.
  • Taking essential nutrients, vitamins and supplements like folic acid before and during pregnancy.
  • Eating a healthy diet.
  • Exercising regularly.
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol, drugs and any other toxic substances.

Postnatal care or postpartum is the medical and nursing care recommended for women and children (neo-natal care) after the birth of a child. It helps the mother’s body recover from pregnancy and childbirth, promotes bonding between the mother and baby, and identifies any problems that could affect the health of either the mother or baby. The standard period for Postnatal care is six weeks after birth.

Postnatal care includes:
  • Taking care of genital health – bleeding, strain, and other issues.
  • Breastfeeding habits.
  • Eating and rest habits after birth.
  • Taking care of mother’s and baby’s health.

Who Needs This

Pre and Postnatal
Care at Home

During pregnancy, moving around the hall make the body fatigued, then imagine what the frequent hospital visits, especially in the last weeks, can do. Prenatal home care will be a great option to save the mother from these tiresome visits.


A hospital stay of 3-4 days or a maximum of 1 week (caesarean delivery) will not be enough for recovery and adjusting the body to new roles. Also, newborns need special medical and dietary attention, and Postnatal home care will help a mother with these things.

How can we help?

We have a team of natal home care experts — nurses, paediatricians, caretakers, dieticians and babysitters — who can help in:

Planning (before) pregnancy (eating habits, health tips and mental preparation).

During pregnancy (guidance and care for health, food, and exercise).

Complete medical checkups (before, during and after gestation period).

Special care for low birth weight/medical conditions babies.

Breastfeeding guidance.

Baby diet and health management.

Handling medical complications with mother and baby.

Help in healing with post-caesarean wounds.

Genital care for mother.

Infection control for newborns and mothers.

    Services We Offer:

    On-call paediatrics.


    24/7 or Daycare/Night shift nurses and caretakers.

    Regular health checkups.

    Educational sessions (mother & family members).

    Baby care equipment and products.